Our Team

Sean Smith

Having started his IT career in South Africa before the turn of the century, Sean has always been interested in computers, technology and the various accoutrements that are associated with information technology.

Having spent a number of years working in the northern reaches of this country he has been exposed to logistical challenges as well as physical limitations of the environment. Learning various technologies along the way he has learned how to make things work when under pressure.

Having seen a number of occasions where the customer gets less than they deserve Sean has decided to start a company where the primary focus is direct interaction with clients, getting involved in the daily decisions for the company, tailoring each decision based on the individual client needs.

LoriLynn Smith

A Project Manager with over 10 years of project experience in Business and Information Technology process development and continuous Improvement for large Public Sector organizations and over 20 years in large enterprise Information Technology environments.  

LoriLynn has a proven track record as a Business Relationship Manager and Champion for organizational change and problem resolution through IT innovation.  She is an expert in developing and implementing both IT and business process improvements. 


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