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The origins of Compu-Help began in the late 1990’s in South Africa where we started as a retail store selling Windows 3.1, Windows95, Windows98 systems. This was a time where very few pre-built systems were available and as such computers were put together according to the client requirements. With the move to Canada support moved more to the home user who would have the regular issues experienced before moving into more of a consultant role. Now moving into the MSP field we are offering services designed to help the small to medium size businesses who do not have their own full time IT staff. We fill the roles from IT Technician to CIO based on the needs of the company, and very often do all the roles for the same company.

How does it work?

When IT works well you tend not to worry about how IT works, but when there are issues everyone wonders what we do.

Without networking we would not have any internet. Although a lot goes into making the internet work, networking is critical to this. From the cable that connects your system to the wall, to the switches and firewalls, we ensure that this is kept in good working condition and up to date so that you are protected as best you can be while you use your network.


Most businesses these days have a server where they store their data. We ensure these are kept up to date with the latest security patches, that files and folders are accessed only by those authorised to access them and that backups are done regularly and frequently so that in the event of a disaster we can get you back in business with minimal delay.


We ensure that these are updated regularly to ensure that the security patches are installed. Best in class anti-virus is used to ensure maximum protection for your systems.


We actively test your users to see who is susceptible to phishing and will set up education programs to assist them in identifying malicious emails.

At Compu-Help we don’t believe in finger pointing, we work together as team to ensure our clients systems are configured using current best practices. We actively work to identify and resolve issues that arise.

With a broad understanding of different hardware options we work with our clients requirements to make recommendations based upon their needs.

With the rise of Cloud based services we understand that there are times when this is not the best option, discuss your needs with us and we will help you reach the best solution for your business. Where practical we do recommend cloud services such as Office365, offsite backups and others that are industry specific.

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